3 Steps to Manage Pain without Drugs or Herbs

3 Steps to Manage Pain without Drugs or Herbs

How do you manage pain? 

Pain doesn’t have to be the enemy. What if it was here to help you? 

If you suffer daily from chronic pain, it may sound crazy to make friends with your pain, so if you are not open to that idea, then reading further may not help.  

I’d like to state up front that I am not a pain management expert with neurology or medical background. However, as a fitness professional, I have helped hundreds of people find non-invasive, non-chemical solutions to relieve discomfort in their bodies.  

The body is a map of your entire life experience. Every physical, mental, and emotional experience is stored somewhere in your cellular memory.  Traumatic experiences can linger for a very long time in the body. 

Have you ever had a nagging pain and no matter how many injections, massages, and acupuncture sessions you apply to the area, you get little relief? 

The natural inclination is to wipe out the pain. Not feel it. 

The American Pain Society reported in a 2012 study that Americans spend $635 billion annually on chronic pain!! 

I would speculate that the widespread use of surgery and expensive pharmaceutical treatments drives that cost much higher. In my summation, these procedures succeed about 50% of the time (that is based on my two decades of professional work with clients in post rehabilitation situations) 

Likely, you have tried many treatments to manage your pain. I know I used to. I thought I was done running at the age of 42 and 20 years into my very active career as a fitness professional. Now, 5 years later, I am back to running and doing just about everything I love, PAIN FREE, and I did it without the assistance of drugs or injections. 

I invite you to follow these 3 steps next time your body aches or feels out of sorts.


1. Improve blood flow

The instinct when you are hurting is to stop moving. Sometimes the body DOES need rest. And in those cases, steam showers, hot tubs, heat packs and massage therapy are great options. 

Have you ever noticed how you might feel very stiff and achy when you wake up but then once you are up and moving you feel better? Or after a hard work out, you might be sore the next day but once you go for a walk or ride your bike, the muscles feel more relaxed? 

That is the beauty of blood flow. Blood vessels (capillaries) deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells and they also remove toxins and waste from the cells. Inflammation is mostly stuck junk.

The therapeutic device I love the most that I recommend to all my clients, improves blood flow to the capillaries by 30 percent for 15 hours.  

There is no cream, serum or exercise regime that can improve circulation as effectively. I have been using it since 2016 and I truly feel younger each year. I have witnessed many clients experience long term relief from chronic conditions once they began using this PEMF device daily. 


2. Welcome the pain. 

When your child cried do you try to push her away or do you calm and nurture her? What if pain was your body crying for your loving attention? When you look at your body as a crying child, it shifts your perspective. 

The first step towards change is to become aware of yourself. In the case of pain, what if you truly welcomed it in. 

Lie down comfortably and ask, “Pain, what are you here to teach me about myself?”  Rest in the awareness of your breath and your body while asking yourself this question.  Notice what thoughts and emotions arise. It may be useful to write your thoughts in a journal. 

What you find out may surprise you. Or it may even frustrate you. Often pain is asking us to SLOW DOWN and rest with awareness. And that really puts a cramp in the usually fast pace of our lives. 


3. Love Yourself. 

When you are hugging that crying child, as a parent, you realize your child’s needs are not being met. Is she tired? Hungry? Overstimulated? Needing attention? If she can talk, you may ask her, “What do you need right now?” 

The body loves to be heard. When you asked the question to your body, what did you notice? Did your awareness heighten? Did you seek a distraction? What came up in your writing? 

Tapping into your body’s wisdom can bring out deep seated emotional pain. You don’t need to fix, heal or change anything. Love yourself with the same loving attention you would a child. If the body says rest, can you disrupt your normal routine to do that? If your body says move, can you trust that your body knows exactly what to do. 

Pain can be very complicated. 

In the Movement Magic Intensive (which I offer to clients), I do a movement evaluation to determine if the root cause of your misalignment might be something physical. Then we look at your needs and desires assessment to figure out if your current movement plan is aligned with what you LOVE.  Then I design a movement plan that is aligned perfectly with YOU. 

To schedule a time to talk about whether this service is right for you, you can set up a 15 minute chat session with me.

Bless your body. Bless YOU. 


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