{Part 3} 3 Ways to Make Motherhood Easier

Myth #3:  Being a Mom is Tough

When you say to yourself, being a mom is tough, you will find all kinds of evidence to support that statement.  ~You Are a Supermom, Gina Fontaine


I’ve been there with baby spit up running down my back while my toddler ran off towards the busy street. Or in the later years, I had to call the cops to calm down my oldest son on numerous occasions.  Being a mom can be tough. You face things you never would have imagined when that baby was swimming peacefully in your belly. 


Through my struggles, especially since becoming a single mom, I have discovered 3 Ways that make being a mom easier:  Meditation, Sisterhood and Divine Connection. 


⚠️TRUTH ALERT:  These are NOT quick fixes.  I have been implementing these practices for 5 years and I still have to remind myself to use them when things start getting hard. 


Being a mom can be enlightening when you view challenges as learning opportunities. 


Meditation:  Meditation has been an evolving practice with me.  Admittedly, at first, I held it at an arm’s distance from my yoga practice like a pair of dirty gym socks. And I have been teaching yoga for 25 years! 


One blessing of the pandemic has been discovering Panache Desai and his daily Call to Calm meditations. I structure my entire day around his 7 am live meditations.  His monologues before the meditations have broken me through so many of my limiting beliefs. 


There is nothing you need to fix, heal or change is one of his token daily reminders. 


It’s amazing how when you shift your mindset from seeing something as a problem to seeing it as a learning opportunity, how much more adventurous life becomes.


What is the gift in this situation?  How can I grow from this experience?


These are the types of questions I now ask myself and I take them to my meditation practice. I sit with things. I am learning to trust that the answers will arise. All I need to envision is the outcome I desire.  The Divine seemingly takes care of the HOW time and time again. 


DIVINE CONNECTION:  This is a deeply personal practice and there is no right or wrong way to tap into the powers of the Infinite. Some people choose to pray or go to worship services. Others may feel empowered walking through the forest.


I have learned that in my powerlessness, in those moments when I have absolutely no idea how I will get through, if I turn my struggles over to God, I feel empowered. 


Once I committed to writing my book, You Are a Supermom, I had no idea how I would finish it. I called in help from Mother Mary each time I sat down to write and the words just flowed most of the time. 


We are all beings of divinity and I have found that Sisterhood has been a tremendous boost in my deepest moments of sorrow and pain. 


SISTERHOOD: I belong to a women’s networking group called Polka Dot Powerhouse. We are all women business owners and there are chapters all over the world. The connections I have formed in that community have supported me in times of struggle and celebration.


My sisters supported me at my book launch, brought meals to my family when I had surgery and I know that if I needed anything at all, I could ask and one of the DOTS would be there to assist me. 


Most women have a hard time asking for help. We don’t want to put anyone out and we certainly don’t want to show our weakness.  I discovered that when I began asking for help, people showed up cheerfully, ready to assist. 


When I was receiving assistance from my church and other supporting agencies, I felt so guilty. A wise woman said to me, “We all go through seasons in life. Sometimes we feel weak and vulnerable and must receive. At other times we are strong and in full capacity and we are better equipped to serve. You have given so much, Gina. Now is your season to receive.” 


Whether it is your season to receive or give, be in your heart with gratitude and welcome community into your life and motherhood will become easier.


It is true what they say It take a village to raise a family.


Being a mom becomes enlightening as you connect more deeply with your Self in meditation , with God through your chosen practice and through community by asking for help or serving one another.   


You Are a Divine Being.  Shine Your Light!


Connect with me  for a quick chat to discover how you can begin making motherhood easier.  

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