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💖 Radical Self Care in Minutes per Day

An act of radical self care is a deed that stretches you out of your comfort zone to give you love and grace.

You can begin by claiming that your health and vitality comes first and with that unwavering commitment to yourself you can better serve those around you. 


Jo, who is a member of the Supermom Club, is a good example of a mom who is placing her well being first . When I offered a 10 Day wellness challenge we met online each morning for a 10 minute movement session at 6:30 am. 


She met the challenge saying, “At first I thought I would catch the recording later in the day, but then I thought, I am going to push myself to get up an hour earlier than I am used to.” 


What happened surprised her.  


“I was amazed at how starting my day with self care set this gentle sense of peace and self love throughout the day.”  


In my wellness coaching practice, I encourage clients to use simple one minute wellness solutions to weave mindful self care into their day. I place them in 4 different categories: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. 


Below are 20 examples of Radical Self Care that you can practice especially during the more complicated and stressful times of  life.  



  1. Say a mantra like “I love my body and my body loves me” for one minute.  
  2. Place your hands on your abdomen. Take 6 deep belly breaths in one minute. 
  3. Do a posture check once an hour. Notice how you are sitting or standing and repeat number 2.  
  4.  Get up and do 1 minute of squats every hour throughout your work day.  
  5.  Eat only while seated and relaxed.  



  1.  When you wake up, express gratitude and think of 10 things you are grateful for. 
  2.  Ask yourself, “What am I doing right?” more often than finding fault with yourself. 
  3.  Become fully absorbed in a task. Think of nothing else but washing the dishes or making dinner. 
  4.  Read an article about something that normally would not interest you. 
  5.  Listen to someone with an opposing point of view without making a single comment. 


  1. Get a bouquet of flowers. Take time to arrange it to your heart’s delight. 
  2. Create a happy playlist and use it when you need a boost. 
  3. Fully embrace a difficult emotion. Let yourself feel the anger, regret, or guilt. Honor that you have the capacity to feel this emotion. 
  4. Identify a trigger. Notice that you are triggered. Instead of losing your temper, take 5 deep breaths.  . 
  5.  Do something you are afraid to do. 


  1. Honor your body as a sacred temple before you set out to exercise. Say, “I am happy to be alive in my physical body. My body is a sacred vessel   that houses my soul.”  
  2. Dance a prayer. Think of someone who needs a lift. Put on some music and dance a prayer for her.
  3. Send a thank you note- the old fashioned way- handwritten with a stamp on an envelope.  
  4.  Plan to watch a sunset, sunrise or moonrise and be fully present to the   experience. 
  5. Connect with who you are on a deeper level. Take this quiz to discover your Supermom archetype.  


While the holidays are filled with opportunities to give presents and solialize, and these things feel great, I encourage you to stretch yourself to place yourself first each and every day. Choose some things from the list above that are hard for you to do. 

If you need a little support, the Supermom Club is a great way to connect with a community of moms who are prioritizing self care so they can be even better moms for their children. 

What will you do today to honor and nurture you?  

Love, Gina

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