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Relaxing in Hawaii: How I Found Myself Again

Relaxing in Hawaii: How I Found Myself Again

My word for 2022 is SERENITY.


As I reflect on my recent trip to Hawaii,

I can see now that while my plans

may have not fully materialized,

I manifested peaceful serenity.


I stayed on a farm 1500 feet above the ocean at a friend's ohana (home),

miles away from the tourist scene – SERENITY


Each night I was lulled to sleep by the jungle sounds

of coqui frogs and tropical insects. - SERENITY


Even the roosters crowing became a soothing sound,

to my urban state of consciousness that is

attuned to sirens and loud engines.


Upon my arrival, we drove directly to the Farmer’s Market in Captain Cook

where sounds of drums and a display of hula dancers welcomed me. 

The soft rain washed the travel dust from my worn-out psyche and

fresh tropical fruit aromas awakened my appetite. – SERENITY


The taste of Panang curry cooked fresh to order reminded me of my last

solo travel excursion to Thailand. I knew I was ready to find that Gina again – SERENITY


Driving along the coastline, we naturally drifted to the beach. 

The waves quickly cast a spell on my weary jet-lagged body,

and I fell asleep on Magic Sands Beach. – SERENITY


We spent my first full day on Hapuna Beach, the largest beach on the island.

The ocean mesmerized me into a another gentle slumber. – SERENITY


Awakened, refreshed, I walked the beach to the other end,

climbed the lava rock coastline apart from the masses of people

and enlivened my body with yoga.  – SERENITY


My playful side now stimulated, I body boarded in the waves

becoming one with the majestic ocean.  – SERENITY


The next day, on my own, with a backpack and a guidebook,

I sat on the sea wall of the Kona Inn watching swimmers

traverse the 2.4-mile Ironman course.


I opened the guidebook, read the story of Captain Cook, who landed in a bay

north of here in the 19th century. Horrified by the gruesome tale of his demise,

I looked up from my reading and saw a sandy beach in the distance.

I looked at the map on my phone and determined that must be the

Keikei ponds. It looked serene.


I continued to read and was drawn to the bold print

Paleaku Peace Sanctuary Gardens, a short 30 minute drive away. 

Knowing I had a few free hours, I walked to the Keikei ponds

and was relieved to find I had the beach all to myself.  --SERENITY


The lava rock cliffs invited me to practice yoga

-the sound of crashing waves below. 

At high tide water spills over the cliff walls into the ponds.

On the other side, small fish and shrimp swam gleefully

in the ponds free from the threat of larger predators of the sea. 



My friend picked me up later and we drove to the peace sanctuary. 

Within it, a garden honors each world religion and several other spiritual

traditions including a Celtic labyrinth, a Native American fire circle and

Polynesian petroglyphs.  We walked to the center of the galaxy -

a garden created to emulate the arms of the Milky Way galaxy.

A black fountain in the middle symbolized a black hole.

We sat peacefully and listened. – SERENITY


Next stop was Banyan Tree Sanctuary where Maggie would perform her

healing touch magic in the dolphin cabin in the jungle.

I felt like I was touched by angels.  – SERENITY


I wanted to linger and rest awhile after my massage,

but we had a date to swim with manta rays at night. 

Against my inner knowing, we boarded the boat.

I became violently ill from vertigo.  That’s a story for another day. 🀒


The next day, still dizzy from the boating trip, I thought I might lie in bed. 

I chose to return to the Keikei ponds instead.  


I, with beach chair and umbrella, set up camp

in front of my private, secluded pond.

I watched as families snorkeled, splashed and

floated in the larger ponds, feeling blessed to have this time

free from tending to anyone but I. – SERENITY


I would sit watching the ocean recovering from

the previous night’s battle with the waves.


At one point I would rise and wade in my pond,

playing my favorite game of 10 second selfie

yoga pose photography.

(Set the timer on the camera. Run.

Get in position and Snap!)   – SERENITY


Feeling the ocean waves swell, I looked up high tide time – 2:50 pm. 

I climbed to the top of the lava walls and watched in stillness as the ocean

waves crashed and sprayed against the rocks along the shoreline. – SERENITY


The rhythm of the inhale and the exhale of the water soothed me.

I noticed that the more the ocean water sank (Inhale),

the bigger the wave emerged (Exhale).  – SERENITY


I took a Lyft back to the ohana.

My driver told me about the Kaloko Cloud Forest

just two miles above where I was staying.

She said the forest was thick and the sound of birds was deafening. 


Knowing that our plans for the next day to go to the volcano park

and Rainbow Falls were superseded by Sara’s sick friend’s needs,

I decided to head to the cloud forest the next day’s dawn. 


A 4-mile hike through rain forest. The trailhead noted in BOLD print,

TAKE A PHOTO of this Map. It is easy to lose your way.

I walked mindfully over the slippery terrain of downward sloping trails

with scraggly roots throughout. Watching for the stone cairns to mark the

turns, I only made one wrong turn, adding 1 ½ miles to my hike.

The upward climb I lovingly called Mahalo Incline

(reminiscent of Manitou Incline in Colorado)

served to soothe my head, still pounding from the

boating excursion 2 days prior. 


What started out as a cool, damp walk

soon became a sweaty workout.

I walked the road downhill after my hike towards the farm.

Sara intercepted me halfway and I thankfully accepted the ride. 


I decided to return to the peace gardens.

This time I was able to sit and reflect,

meditate, and pray at the sacred sites I had chosen.


I read the plaque at the entrance to the labyrinth.


"Installed on Mother’s Day 1996 and

dedicated to the Hawaiian priest Papahanaumoku or “Papa”

– the earth mother goddess of Polynesia."


I offered a gift – a heart shaped shell- as I entered the labyrinth.

I prayed for and recited the names of each of the women in the

Supermom tribe. Tears fell as I felt the energy of the Divine feminine rising. 



I walked to the tree next to the labyrinth.

It reminded me of a wise grandma with long, braided hair.

Twisted vines fell from her branches, inviting me in.

There I felt my heart swell with abundant love. 

I envisioned a marriage on that mountainside overlooking the ocean.

Could it be the wedding of me to my SELF?


The breeze called me over to the Bodhi tree,

a direct descendant of the very tree Buddha sat beneath

until he attained enlightenment. 🧘🏽‍♂️


I felt deeply connected to a powerful energy of

Oneness, Compassion, and LOVE. ❀️


I remembered a Buddhist prayer and recited it aloud.

            I will be filled with loving kindness.

            I will be well.

            I will be peaceful and at ease.

            I will be happy.

I recited it over and over until the “I will be” became “I am”.  -- SERENITY


My next stop was the fruit garden

where I walked amidst mango, starfruit,

jackfruit, lime, and papaya trees. 


I paused at the Kava plant, reflecting on the calming qualities

of the Kava root tea I had drunk before. 

Envisioning a retreat of women on these grounds,

I livestreamed that dream to the Supermom Club,

my membership community. 


I walked through the galaxy once more.

I watched the colorful birds play in the branches

of the bright tropical flora. --SERENITY


We concluded my trip at the Magic Sands Beach restaurant.

Sara and I shared stories of our growth as women

and as healers; how we have learned to love and trust ourselves. 


I emerged from the trip confidently knowing that I am

safe, secure, supported, valued and loved. 


I get to do life my way and life is a representation

of my deepest love and fullest heart yearning to be free. 

I can go with the flow and do life my way, and in doing that,

I set those around me free to be themselves. 


I fully embrace that SERENITY is a choice.


Alignment happens when I let go of agendas and LISTEN;

then feel and allow the Universe to work powerfully through me. 


I can be like a cloud,πŸŒ₯️

dissolving easily from one form to another,

with no attachment to her previous form.


Thank you for taking the time to read these reflections.

My heart wishes peace for the entire planet.

I know this begins with me and you committing to let love lead the way.  


If you are interested in taking a deep dive into living life in flow,

I welcome a chat. Here is a link to my schedule.  

My schedule has plenty of time to flow and be one with YOU.   

With love, 




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