The One Thing Moms Can Do to Be in Their Power

Even though I have taught yoga since 1997, seated meditation has always been challenging for me. I have avoided it or used guided meditation or drumming to find my Zen. This week all that changed.


I watched the Dr. Joe Dispenza Rewired series. Dispenza is a chiropractor, author of books like Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, and he runs  workshops and lectures all over the world.  In the 13 part series, he demystifies meditation and explains the science behind the brain and how meditation helps humans tap into their superpowers.


Naturally, as the author of a book called You Are a Supermom, I am compelled by the idea maximizing human potential. In the past, I viewed meditation as a brain break, but after watching this series my understanding has upgraded exponentially. 


When we clear the head of worry, anger and STRESS (problems of the material world) and tap into frequency and the energetic field that we are all a part of, we become attuned to infinite possibility. The tiny pineal gland in the center of the brain is like a radar. When humans direct their attention here during meditation we can send out signals to the Universe (with intention) and attract whatever we desire into our energy field. 


I know you might be thinking, sure I would love to magnetize one million dollars into my reality. While that may not materialize immediately, I believe that with practice and presence and when we truly love ourselves, we are limitless.


In the series, Dispenza gives examples of people with chronic health conditions who have realized immediate relief by practicing meditation. His research, in fact, proved that after just 4 days of meditation practice, an individual can improve her quality of life. The factor of measurement was the telomeres. In simple terms, when the telomere strands get too short, a human life ends. In just 4 days, Dispenza’s study participants were experiencing a slight lengthening of their telomeres just by meditating.


What??? You mean I can increase my life by meditating. OK. I am all in.


Now that my analytical side has validation for the benefits of meditation, I am looking forward to it and practicing any time I feel my anxiety level rise.


My word for 2022 is SERENITY. I realize that my greatest superpower and the one thing missing from my life as I have navigated life as a single mom has been Serenity – the ability to shrug off the small stuff and stay present to the peace that resides within me. 


Intellectually, I have known this and in my book I write in Chapter 3 “Myth #3| Being a Mom is Tough,”


The power of peace allows the present moment awareness in my breath…to override the frantic list of things that society tells me I should do. 


It has been nearly five years since my divorce and I am finally feeling more steady. Truth be told, I resisted sitting with my feelings of fear, doubt and anxiety. I deceived myself into thinking that a substance or a meditation guide could raise my vibration and eliminate these feelings. In actuality, I was in avoidance and because those feelings were still there, I never felt totally at ease.


In just one week of practice, these are some of the miracles that have happened.


  1. My 11 year old son shared that he has been using a prayer app that prompts him to pray twice a day. This is the kids who never goes to church with me and resists all of mom’s woo-woo stuff.
  2. I found a shared workspace where I can host events for moms. The owner supports mompreneurs and even has a playroom in the building for children.
  3. My 14 year old daughter is connecting with me more. She even sat and watched half a movie with us. This has not happened in years.


When mom is at peace, her family calms down, too. It truly is amazing! 



The one things moms can do to be in their power is . . . 


Practice self-love and put their needs before anyone else’s.   


Let me explain why loving yourself has to be step 1.


When you love yourself, you will easily make choices to enhance your awareness (meditation). I found that before I truly loved myself, I would unknowingly sabotage my efforts to be healthy and whole. Now that I commit to Serenity, I am ready to release the habit of doing and surrender to present moment awareness, which is the #1 key to being a supermom. 


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What type of Supermom are you?