{Part 1} What Is a Supermom? Busting the Myth of Self Sacrifice

Imagine your kids  are screaming, the dog is barking and the TV is blaring. You are standing, breathing, and telling yourself,


     I am calm.🧘‍♀️

     My home is happy and harmonious.😊

     I claim peace.  ☮


Your eyes are closed, and you continue to breathe.


Your kids pause to look at you thinking, Is mommy ok?


Even the dog comes over to sniff your hand.


You walk over to turn off the TV. 


You calmly ask the children, “Mom is tired, and I need to rest. Would you rather play outside or paint at the kitchen table?”


 They either comply or resume their screaming.


Either way, you maintain your peace.


Mom is setting a clear, healthy boundary instead of blowing a fuse. She is offering choices instead of commanding her kids what to do. She is in control of herself, and she claims peace in her household.


This takes practice. It took me year to reset my nervous system from a decade of chronic stress.


I used to be a yeller and I thought I had to scream louder to get their attention.  This always backfired and instead I lived in a very chaotic home.


Even though I taught fitness classes and stayed very active, I was never truly filling myself up with joy. I was constantly serving others and that left me worn out and exhausted at the end of each day.   


A supermom prioritizes self- care.   She does less not more.


She easily says ‘no’ to things that deplete her energy.


She feels her true power because she embodies present moment awareness. 




In the book You Are a Supermom, I outline 5 myths that most moms fall for, yet are the very misconceptions that keep mothers from thriving.  In this 5 part series, we will explore each of the 5 myths.


Myth #1:  Good Moms Always Put their Kids’ Needs First

Most moms believe that being a mother requires them to put their children’s needs and desires first.  Truthfully, you can be an even better mom by taking care of yourself first.  Of course, there are going to be times when you have to tend to a dirty diaper or you drop everything and pick up a sick child from school. 


At the beginning of the day, are you planning your day for YOU or are you scheduling everything around your kids? Are you planning time to nourish yourself each day? Look at this as your time to charge your battery so that you can be more at ease in the face of the inevitable curve balls that will be thrown your way. 


There is a lot of truth in the statement, If mom isn’t happy, no one is happy.


It is not your job to ensure your kids are happy.   They will remember a happy mom more than they will remember all the activities you filled their schedules with. When you run a 3 ring circus, you end up depleted.  


I encourage you to step into your reverent role as goddess, queen, or whatever word empowers you and be the light for your family.  Your family will be happier when you are happy.


But, Gina, how can I do that when there is SO much to do?


Stay tuned…….


Next week we will bust Myth #2: Moms Are Master Multi-taskers. I will give you tips on how to be a fully present mono-tasker who claims her power.   


For daily self-care support, join the Supermom Club where we move together for 10 minutes every day.  


Peace, Gina

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What type of Supermom are you?


What type of Supermom are you?