Mama Core Restore

During pregnancy and childbirth our core muscles go through intense strain.  The first thing most women want to do after giving birth is get rid of their baby belly and many resort to running and doing planks and crunches.  But are these the best exercises for postpartum recovery?  This workshop will show you a safe and effective approach to restoring your core, so you can return to your regular activities with ease and grace.

Gain tools to……

  • Feel more aligned and connected to your body. 
  • Strengthen the core and pelvic floor to alleviate postpartum discomforts 
  • Move through daily life with ease and awareness

Each participant will receive a movement evaluation and personal recommendations for strengthening and stretching and Gina will assess for diastasis recti also.


This class is for you if...

  • You have given birth and are cleared for exercise.
  • You had children years ago and have lived for many years with low back pain, incontinence and other discomforts you have cast off as part of being a mom.
  • You desire to feel confident and secure in your body again.

This class is not for you if...

  • You have not yet been cleared to exercise by your medical practitioner
  • You are more than 12 weeks pregnant.
  • You are looking for a hard workout. 


Laura Gravina

“I took Gina’s six week postpartum class with my two month year old baby girl. This class really helped me getting aligned with my body and focusing on my breathing.

My tight neck and lower back area were really bothering me.

After the 6 weeks of working with Gina I know how to position myself while nursing or holding my baby without any tension in my neck. I feel stronger and more confident of getting back to working out in a gym. Gina was always available for questions and gave us a lot of exercises we can do at home with our babies.”

Deena Gumina

“Six weeks ago I was dealing with a lot of incontinence and back pain and was having a hard time getting back to my normal pre-pregnancy activities. After working with Gina after the past few weeks I have been able to start getting back to my normal exercise without incontinence issues and drastically reduced back pain. I now have tools that I can use on my own to continue to rebuild my strength!”

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