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***PLUS, you get access to ALL FIVE Movement Video Resources for the other Supermom Archetypes, too!
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Now, you can pair your movement to your unique personality or mood. Even though you may be a Goddess, or a Queen, or other (take the quiz to find your archetype!) on some days your inner Activist may just need to shout. That's why you get lifetime access to ALL 5 Supermom Archetype videos whe you grab your Movement Video Resource Guide:


This is for your no nonsense, practical side. No equipment needed but your heart will be thumping by the end. Then we will contain the energy at the end to fuel your passionate personality.


You are the party gal, so why not partner up.  Grab a friend or your child and play with this partner exercise session. Foam roller or yardstick and 2 resistance bands are recommended.


This yoga fusion session indulges your desire for creativity and innovation.  A chair and resistance band are recommended. 


You LOVE to be fluid and free. Bare-foot, dance inspired movement colors this session that will ground you into your FEMININE. 


As a queen, you LOVE to be a leader. This session focuses on strengthening your posture, so you can STAND TALL in the world.  One dumbbell or 5-10 pound item is recommended. 



With your Movement Resource Video Guides, you ALSO get five printable downloads of each movement plan to set you up for success.

 Total Value: $87
Your special discount: ONLY $11

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"Increase strength . . . understand body mechanics, and . . . improve your health overall."

Gina is very skilled and knowledgeable in her training practice. She is also kind, encouraging and intuitive. I would recommend her to anyone looking not only to increase strength but to really understand their body mechanics and how to improve their health overall.

Heidi DeGraffenried
Mother of 6, recovering from diastasis

review client love

What's inside the Movement Resource Video Guide?

Watch the video for a sneak peek inside the Video Movement Resource Guide:

Total Value: $87
Your special discount: ONLY $11

gina fontaine health wellness fitness coach for moms supermom review client love

"I feel more confident and at ease in my body."

Gina is a master of body mechanics and muscles. Her expertise in isolating muscles that are not functioning optimally allows her to reprogram their movements for healthy living. Some of us need more work after decades of favoring a certain motion. Working mindfully with Gina is shifting more than the way my body moves. I feel more confident and at ease in my body.

Dianna Vagianos

Movement made easy (and a whole lot of fun!)

Total Value: $87
Your special discount: ONLY $11

***You get lifetime access to ALL FIVE Movement Video Resources for the other Supermom Archetypes, too: